• Nov 26, 2013
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Interview with Style Expert Lynn Spence

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At the recent International Home Show, we got a chance to get an up close and personal look at the show space designed by Lynn Spence. Lynn Spence really knows home décor. She is a regular style expert on CityLine��s “Around the House” and Fashion Friday. Through her passion and enthusiasm for style and design, she creates inspirational ideas and solutions to appeal to the viewer’s lifestyle. Lynn is a past decorating editor of Chatelaine Magazine and a story producer for Style at Home Magazine. Her expertise in the industry has made her a regular speaker at the International Home Show.

We asked Lynn to give us a little bit of inside information on her space.



BDMS: What was your inspiration for this space?

LS: I wanted the space to be inviting, warm, casual and eclectic. I love using large pieces of furniture in small spaces. Lots of small pieces of furniture in a smaller room create chaos; make a room look cluttered and unwelcoming.  I wanted to inspire the audience, enticing them to think of their rooms as places of expression and elegance.

BDMS: How does this room incorporate upcoming design trends for 2014?

LS: I believe that mixing different metals is a huge trend. I also love using grey as a neutral, warming it up with bronze, cocoa, camel, and cream.  I loved incorporating pastel Kilim chairs to the cool grey tones of the sectional sofa, and warm neutrals of pillows, and throws, creating a tapestry of beautiful, rich fabrics that add interest.


LS: Mixing styles and periods in a room is a huge trend, and helps a homeowner avoid an uninspiring showroom look. Hanging art in groupings is a great trend, filling walls with large a medium scale pieces and creating the look of a library gallery. Mixing a number of different woods is also a great trend, one that is here to stay.



BDMS: The flooring for this space was provided by Carpet One Floor & Home and although it looks like hardwood, it is actually vinyl. How does the flooring integrate with the overall design of the space?

LS: I chose the beautiful grey tones of the flooring because it looked modern and natural. The grey is a gorgeous neutral. It worked well with the room design, whether a space is condo cool, classically elegant or worldly welcome.



The flooring in this room is St. Lawrence  by Earthscapes.

BDMS: What is your favorite piece in this room?

LS: The Moth Print in among the Paris aerial maps.



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